Zen Humidifier


This product was part of a class that explores and studies three dimensional form. Of course, like any product, there can always be improvements and iterations but here is a product of a 6 week study.

It would be nice if the humidity around us was always around 45%. It’s almost impossible to maintain this in the winter months.

I began the project by figuring out how much water would I need to provide the user so that they would not have to refill overnight. This turned out to be rather difficult because it depends on the room, air flow, temperature and relative humidity in the room already. I decided to follow the 1.2 gallons provided by the Vicks humidifier I had purchased to see how it works. The main issue I wanted to deal with here is that 1.2 gallons is rather heavy for some people. The sketch models I made focused on using vessels we are use to carrying without any problems.

A choice was made with the help of class critique that the bowl, pedal like configuration was a pleasing characteristic to have. The idea is that I would instead of hiding the piezoelectric ultrasonic wave generator, have it as a design element. I started to arrange the elements in a hierarchal manner but I did not like the form, so I made another full scale sketch model, which unfortunately was resolved since there was no way to have a water tank in an easy manner.

Instead of having the water drip down to the disk, what if the water flooded the disk from the bottom? Some clay models were focused on that form, followed by the final model. There are definitely tweaking opportunities but I’m happy with what I had after 6 weeks.

Product Design